Alastair Cook Issues Apology after making Bizarre Alex Carey ‘Unpaid Haircut’ Claim

Alastair Cook Issues Apology after making Bizarre Alex Carey Haircut Claim

Alastair Cook has apologized for his role in spreading rumors that Alex Carey forgot to pay for a haircut at a barbershop in Leeds, a story that was earlier today by Cricket Australia.

Speaking on the BBC Test Match Special on the first day of the third Ashes Test at Headingley, Alastair Cook told a story he was told during a haircut, suggesting that Carey ran away after the haircut without paying and, to his knowledge, had not yet fulfilled his promise to pay.

“[The hairdresser] said he didn’t pay,” Alastair Cook said. “It was one of those cash-only places and he promised he would make a transfer later that day, and that was just before it closed. It’s a real story, I’m not making it up.”

The story was picked up by The Sun, who spoke to said hairdresser Adam Mahmoud, who said he was “still waiting” for payment.

“Maybe he forgot,” Mahmoud said. “I give him the benefit of the doubt, but if he’s not paid by Monday, I won’t be happy.”

Alastair Cook Making Fun in Commentry During Ashes 3rd Test

Carey became a pantomime villain among English fans after he drew controversy for Johnny Bairstow at Lord’s. Cricket Australia was not surprised by this story casting more smears on his character and took action to suppress it. According to AAP journalist Scott Bailey, Australian management said the claim was untrue, adding that Carey had not cut his hair since the World Testing Championship final against India last month.

In addition, another player reportedly visited Mahmud and paid with an international transfer and will likely return with receipts to clear up the confusion.

Alastair Cook has since apologized, including during an appearance on TMS.

“Besides, there was a bit of a fuss on a rainy day, a bit of haircut news that could have been on the radio the other day,” he said. “A case of mistaken identity, so I apologize for the mistaken identity in front of Alex Carey.”

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