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Most Runs in MLC 2023

Most Runs in MLC 2023: In the thrilling MLC 2023 season (Major League Cricket), the top batsmen showcased their incredible skills to win the title of “Most Runs.” It was an unforgettable tournament, filled with exciting moments as players hit incredible centuries and delivered explosive innings. The competition reached new heights, leaving fans in awe and creating unforgettable memories in the world of cricket.

In the MLC 2023 cricket season, players will try to score the most runs during their innings to help their team win. The first match is on July 13 between Texas Super Kings and LA Knight Riders at Grand Prairie Stadium.

Most Runs in MLC 2023

In the MLC 2023 cricket season, some players scored the most runs and became the top scorers. The top 4 teams in the MLC 2023 points table qualified for the playoffs. Here is the list of players who scored the most runs in MLC 2023:

N Pooran (MI NY)72516841.83141.821021
H Klaasen (SEA)6231110*77206.25112014
DP Conway (TSK)72217431.57126.2822226
AD Russell (LAKR)520670*68.66156.0621915
TH David (MI NY)719953*49.75171.5511116
CJ Anderson (SF)519091*47.5145.0311212
Nauman Anwar (SEA)61825130.33124.651206
Q de Kock (SEA)617788*35.4145.082179
MS Wade (SF)51687833.6163.11179
Shayan Jahangir (MI NY)61544125.66122.22174
MW Short (WSH)61528025.33125.611155
D Brevis (MI NY)41455748.33136.79198
DA Miller (TSK)71436120.42126.54177
AGS Gous (WSH)61424023.66129.09212
DJ Bravo (TSK)413676*68154.541109
RR Rossouw (LAKR)513378*33.25152.871411
GSNFG Jayasuriya (SEA)613060*43.33109.2411142
Shadab Khan (SF)51276125.4142.691168
MC Henriques (WSH)61253225108.6982
GD Phillips (WSH)61224720.33127.08186
KA Pollard (MI NY)51084827166.15149
DR Sams (TSK)51034225.75132.0557
Milind Kumar (TSK)71015216.8398.05173
AJ Pienaar (WSH)6952931.66121.7963
MJ Santner (TSK)7872712.42127.9426
Mukhtar Ahmed (WSH)6782013105.492
C Chetty (TSK)5762415.2101.33101
FH Allen (SF)5752815163.04114
MP Stoinis (SF)5743714.8117.4683
UBT Chand (LAKR)468261797.1452
AJ Finch (SF)568191788.3163
M Jansen (WSH)6672833.5148.8844
MD Patel (MI NY)6634410.5100171
Imad Wasim (SEA)66243*31114.81151
SO Hetmyer (SEA)25936*59120.423
AJ Hosein (WSH)65933*19.66125.5342
JJ Roy (LAKR)354451815054
SP Narine (LAKR)55328*13.25129.26105
C Bishnoi (SF)5523513126.82133
JS Malhotra (LAKR)548229.6109.0933
F du Plessis (TSK)746146.5785.18250
D Wiese (MI NY)44119*20.5146.4231
NR Kumar (LAKR)4403110108.1232
CP Savage (TSK)5391413144.4423
SS Ranjane (SEA)63310*16.513250
BKEL Milantha (TSK)232171694.1121
SR Taylor (MI NY)43015*1588.23111
TA Boult (MI NY)72920*223.0713
MD Shanaka (SEA)32710*13.5112.512
Hammad Azam (MI NY)525138.3367.5630
A Zampa (LAKR)522121195.6510
Tajinder Singh (SF)52218*5.5104.76130
Rashid Khan (MI NY)51713*8.594.4420
DL Piedt (WSH)5151215107.1410
SC van Schalkwyk (LAKR)112121220011
Mohammad Mohsin (TSK)71175.578.5710
Saif Badar (LAKR)1101010111.1120
LE Plunkett (SF)5954.569.2300
CA Dry (LAKR)4772.3370201
Haris Rauf (SF)576*7175101
S van Staden (MI NY)16665010
SH Johnson (LAKR)355*10000
AJ Tye (SEA)654*83.3300
Ali Khan (LAKR)554541.6600
NP Kenjige (MI NY)553*571.4200
A Nortje (WSH)644*66.6600
G Coetzee (TSK)542*1.3380100
G Singh (LAKR)133310000
JG Dill (WSH)133310000
D Pretorius (SEA)222266.6600
J Theron (TSK)721*210000
SN Netravalkar (WSH)611*10000
C le Roux (SF)511*150100
LH Ferguson (LAKR)2110.520100
K Rabada (MI NY)3110.514.28100
Zia-ul-Haq (TSK)2000100
Harmeet Singh (SEA)6000100
MJ Guptill (LAKR)2000200
These players showed excellent batting skills and consistency throughout the tournament. They helped their teams win matches and set new records. MLC 2023 was full of exciting moments, and these high-scoring players made it even more enjoyable for cricket fans.

For more information about the MLC and its teams, you can visit the official website here.

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