Rohit Sharma poses with World Cup 2023 trophy, confident of the team’s success at home

Rohit Sharma poses with World Cup 2023 trophy

Indian captain Rohit Sharma believes that the home team has a chance to lift the World Cup 2023 Trophy. Rohit Sharma poses with World Cup 2023 trophy in an Event Organised by ICC and BCCI. Rohit said that he and the India team will rely on the immense local support in each venue as they aim to win their first ICC title in a decade. India will host the ODI World Cup after 12 years, which is also the last time India won the prestigious tournament.

We Can Lift It!

“I’ve never seen it so close. Even when we won in 2011, I wasn’t part of the team. But yeah, it looks beautiful, there are also a lot of memories behind the trophy, the past, the history,” Rohit said as he held up the trophy.

“Yes, so, it looks beautiful and hopefully we can pick it up, fingers crossed,” said Rohit, who is currently in the United States, as quoted by the ICC.

The tournament which starts on October 5 will be played at 10 venues in India.

“I know for sure that every field, every place we will travel to will receive massive support. You know, it’s the World Cup, so everyone is looking forward to this and the World Cup coming back to India after 12 years… “…you know 2011 was the last time we played a World Cup. World Over 50. We played a World Cup over 20 in 2016, but a World Cup over 50 after 12 years in the country, people are very excited and we can already see the uproar at home. I’ll be looking forward to playing everywhere”.

“2011 was memorable for all of us, I remember watching it from home, every game, every ball that was thrown and played.

“There were two kinds of emotions, one was obviously that I wasn’t a part of it, so I was a little bit disappointed. I decided that I was not going to watch the World Cup, but again, the second memory I remember was that India was playing so well, from the quarter-finals onwards. Rohit had stood out in the 2019 edition in which he accumulated five hundred.

“And 2015 and 2019, I was a part of that, which made me feel really good to play the World Cup. We got to the semi-finals, we did everything we could to get to the final and play well in the final, but again, a very unfortunate incident where we couldn’t get through to the final,” he said.

Rohit feels that the key to being victorious in the masterpiece would be to start over every game.

“I know that every day is a cool day. Every day is a new beginning, it’s not like a cricket test match where you have the momentum with you and you carry the momentum into the next day.

“One day cricket, limited overs format is like that, that’s where the challenge comes in. You have to start over every day and you know that’s where it was (in 2019),” he said.

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